LinkedIn Confirms Millions of Account Passwords Hacked

So its official now, Wednesday LinkedIn confirms the major attack over its database which affected millions of users passwords.  Norweigan website Dagens IT reported the the security breach, “Two days ago a package on the 6.5 million encrypted passwords posted on a Russian hacker site. Vicente Silveira Director of LinkedIn confirmed the security breach on the company’s blog Wednesday afternoon and mentioned the steps that LinkedIn is taking to deal with the situation. He also mentioned that those with compromised passwords will notice that their LinkedIn account password is no longer valid. “It is worth noting that the affected members … Continue reading

7 Heavenly htaccess Tips for Webmasters

Beauty of Apache based Linux web hosting is its support of htaccess that every webmaster love to play. There are lot of htaccess tips and tricks available in different Tutorials websites in the world wide web. Here I am picking 7 important htaccess hacks useful for your website. 1. Silly Tip: How to Create .htaccess file from your Windows System I know this is silly, but many designers and developers asked me how to create .htaccess file, since they are using Windows machines and the normal way of creating a file is by right clicking then creating the file and … Continue reading

Enable Canonical URL in IIS7 for SEO – Windows

Lots of simple tutorials available for setting canonical urls in apache or htaccess. But there are less websites provides easy steps to do url canonicalization for ASP.NET Websites or other Websites in IIS7 based Windows Server. What is URL Canonicalization? – Its just nothing but you are making sure that your users and the search engines are accessing your websites on your preferred domain name only like either or Why URL Canonicalization? – Well Its for avoiding the confusion of Search Engines that you are having a duplicate website where you are really having one. If you keep … Continue reading

Release unused Memory in Linux by clearing Cache

Ever wonder how to refresh your Linux server or desktop by releasing the memory by clearing the cache. Yes there is a way out to clear the memory caches , just release unused memory in Linux by following the below script. A Little Background Linux has a good memory management feature which will cache all your available free memory to use instantly with any new applications. But if you notice a Linux web server you can see that within a day of server boot your 4GB RAM server might be showing 3.9GB used. Obviously if you are using a content … Continue reading