Boost your cPanel Server Performance with Nginx

Every Server Administrator’s dream is to deliver the website in the server they manage with lightning speed to the end user. I know it is difficult to increase the website speed to its next level after we fine tune the server and the website to the maximum level as much  we can. Here in the below free tutorial I mentioned is one way to attain the maximum speed  by keeping the most powerful reverse proxy in front of your Apache server.

Integrate cPanel with Nginx = High Speed Website

Integrate cPanel with Nginx

Many of you already aware of the Nginx, which is known for its high performance under low resource consumption is the one I am referring to as the most powerful reverse proxy server. I know some of you must be wondering whether it will be difficult to integrate Nginx to the cPanel Server, no there is a free auto installer to integrate Nginx with cPanel Server…

So here is I am putting the steps I have done to bring the Nginx online in my cPanel Server.

Tested Environment: CentOS 5.8 64 bit Edition with cPanel/WHM 11.32.2
Plugins Used: NginxCP

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Generate Remote Access Key
Go to WHM > Cluster/Remote Access > Setup Remote Access Key
and click on the Generate New Key button

Step 2: Installation of NginxCP plugin for your cPanel Server

#cd /usr/local/src
#tar xf nginxadmin.tar
#cd publicnginx
#./nginxinstaller install

NGINX is a high performance edge web server with the lowest memory footprint and the below key features to build modern and efficient web infrastructure.

Netcraft reports the NGINX is the second most popular open source web server on the Internet.

Features of NginxCP
High Performance : Nginx will work as a reverse proxy in front of your cPanel server along with the Apache. Which will increase your Server performace noticeably due to highly scalable architecture.

Protection Against DDOS attacks : Nginx will only pass true http requests and so it will stand as a protective layer to the web server against any attacks like DDOS.

cPanel Compatiblity : NginxCP is fully compatible with cPanel. The autoninstaller script will make the integration of nginx with your cPanel server easily.

WHM Interface for NginxCP : NginxCP addon interface will help you to manage your nginx server with in WHM. It include Nginx configuration editor and service manager.

Service Monitor : NginxCP is integrated to your Apache service hence the service start of httpd will also start the Nginx server.

GZIP compression : NginxCP is integrated enabled with GZIP compression by default to reduce the bandwidth utilization and to increase the website speed.

Free Downloads :

References :
About the NginxCP Plugin:
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